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(Note the schedule below does not include the fundraising commitment, volunteer commitment, USSA membership fees, or Travel/Camp fees).

  • Tier 1 (U10-U14 skiers): Team fee $850/skier if registered by September 30, $925 after that date
    Training: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
  • Tier 2 (U14-U20 skiers): Team fee $1000/skier if registered by September 30, $1075 after that date.  Training Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday.
  • Tier 3 (U16-U20 skiers): Team fee $1250/skier if registered by September 30, $1325 after that date. Training Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday.


Please click the following link to register your skier(s).  Each form will link to the next upon successful completion.

BNJRT Registration Forms

For questions regarding registration, please contact:


Also, please go to: and register for USSA. Athletes who will be racing should sign up as Competitors in their respective age groups. Athletes who don't intend to race can purchase a General Membership, a USSA license (General or Competitor) is required for all BNJRT athletes. A USSA General or Competitor license is also required for all parents who will be skiing at Eldora during the team's after school practice sessions.


A Nordic ski pass is required to ski at Eldora Mountain Nordic Center. All BNJRT skiers (and parents skiing 'after hours') must hold a season pass. To ski 'after hours' ALL skiers must have a season pass and an Eldora waiver signed to ski while the team is training ('after hours' waiver is only avaialble at the Eldora Nordic Center during regular business hours).


Because of past difficulty collecting deposits, a $300 per skier fundraising commitment will be collected at time of registration.

The fundraising requirement is a way to keep team fees lower for families and skiers who are able to fundraise using the grocery cards and skiathon.  Because our fiscal year closes out May 30, fundraising received or credited through April 30 will count toward the fundraising requirement.

If the skier/family fulfills any or all of the $300.00 fundraising obligation by April 30, 2019, that amount will be refunded to the family. This commitment may be met by getting an independent corporate sponsorship, purchasing grocery coupons through BNJRT or participating in fundraising events organized by the team.

  • Families can recoup the $300 per skier fundraising commitment by using the fundraising grocery cards and/or by raising funds at the skiathon.  Victor Gurarie handles all aspects of ordering and distributing the grocery cards for which we are very grateful!
  • Victor tracks the amounts earned on the grocery cards for BNJRT throughout the year.  Victor sends out periodic emails explaining the "grocery" card fundraising, and you can reach him at
  • At the end of the season, a family's fundraising amount is tallied. BNJRT will refund whatever amount is earned through the season, up to $300 per skier.
  • The per-skier fundraising commitment is entirely separate from the volunteer credits detailed on the Volunteer Opportunities page