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Ski Equipment

XC skiing requires equipment. We do both skate and classic techniques. Skiers are expected to attend practice with the appropriate gear. Practice techniques are posted on the training schedule.

Skate Skis ($160-$700) + Bindings ($50-$100) Skate skis are flexed to get maximum edge/snow ratio during push off. They are generally shorter than classic skis and the middle portion of the ski should maintain camber at all times.

Classic Skis ($160-$700) + Bindings ($50-$100) Classic skis are flexed such that the central portion of the ski will contact the snow when the skier puts his/her full weight on the ski.

Skate Poles ($40-$400) Skate poles should be floor-to-nose length. Poles vary in lightness and stiffness, with lighter/stiffer poles being more expensive.

Classic Poles ($40-$400) Classic poles should be floor-to-top-of-shoulder in length. Poles vary in lightness and stiffness, with lighter/stiffer poles being more expensive.

Boots ($130-$400) There are two separate types of boots, those designed for skate skiing (stiff sole, supportive ankle cuff) and those for classic skiing (flexible sole, no cuff). There are also combi boots that work well for both techniques.

Purchasing or Renting Equipment:

Intra-Team Swap: The team hosts an Intra-Team Ski Swap in the fall. This event serves to get prospective buyers and sellers of gently used XC ski gear together.  This is the best opportunity to sell or purchase used XC ski gear. Usually this is the last Sunday in September.

Team Equipment Night: We have the opportunity to purchase new equipment at discounted pricing at our annual Team Equipment Night at Boulder Nordic Sport. Generally held on the first Wednesday in October. Place your order and it will be delivered by Thanksgiving.

Ski Swap: The BNJRT co-hosts a Ski Swap with the Boulder Nordic Club on the first Wednesday of November each year in Boulder High School cafeteria.  This event will feature equipment being sold by individuals as well as Ski areas and shops.  You may be able to find some good used gear at this venue. This is also one of our biggest fundraisers of the year. You will be asked to volunteer for the evening!

Member Ski Rental: BNJRT owns several team skis that can be rented for the season from the team. It costs $50-$75 to rent a pair of skis (plus a $150-$225 deposit that is returned upon return of the skis). We have Classic and Skate skis that will work for skiers from 60-120 pounds. These skis are distributed on a first come, first served basis.


Synthetic Kick Wax Cork ($5) Smoothe kick wax, team will provide wax, coaches will provide instructions.

Ski bag ($15-$200) Sturdy canvas with zipper to hold two pair skinny skis, poles. This is helpful for traveling team members.